SFG – Brand Identity

Star Fashion Group

More than fashion—a brand that looks forward to future lifestyle.

When you determined to always look forward into the future, you show it. Star Fashion Group 2551, distributors of over 30 fashion/lifestyle brands thought it is time to refresh the brand’s identity with 2 purposes. To expresses who they are and attract the new recruits.

The brand name is the starting point where it was shorten to SFG. Then the logo drew inspiration from the brand’s value and its meaning. The letter ‘g’ in the logotype was stylised as as shape of a binocular and a northern star signifying the passion to ‘Explore Uncharted Territories’ and the value to provide ‘Endless Discoveries’. Together with new colour palette of Neptune Blue and Jupiter Orange also signify the same vibration. In completion, a structured guideline for the brand which standardise the communication system for the company and the brands.