Brand Visual

Analyse, translate, and systemise. Renditioning data and strategies into compelling and unique visual for the brand.

Brand Core

Create a framework that captures all the key elements of a brand from the very reason why it exists to how should it be expressed.

Brand Identity

Develop an identity that reflects who the brand is with careful detail for functional and practical usage and ability to be distinct yet sustainable.

Brand Identity Style Guide

Creatively create a systemise usage guideline detailed out how brand identity and its visuals should be used, applied, or implemented to ensure the communications are created with the same principle.

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Marketing Communication

With communication underlies our practice, development of design for marketing purpose is not only about aesthetic but also a development of the concept which ties back to the key message of the conversation. It also an ongoing experiment with the mediums, on the platforms, and to different generations.

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Art Direction

Supervising an artistic production; photography, video, or motion graphic. Creates visual that communicates, appeal to the audience, and reflects the characteristic of the brand.

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Graphic Signage

Creates continuation to the environment, interior, and architecture both visually and conceptually for a design which serves its required function and complement its surroundings.

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