PRYN PARFUM – Brand Identity & Collateral


Designing a luxurious undesigned craftsmanship.

Most of the times, perfume is considerably luxury goods which only serve decorative purpose, not its original objective. The strategy of designing the brand is to bring the most out of this product and nothing else. To emphasise importance of the scent, which is the heart of the brand, the concept of designing PRYN PARFUM’s brand visual is to create as less obstruct to the audience as possible. This is to allow the smelling sense to be able to be fully perceived. All of the materials used was brought out its raw values as well.

PRYN PARFUM was born to serve as a sensorial way of storytelling. Each scent of PRYN PARFUM portrays story from different journeys through eccentric ingredients. Reflecting a distinctive characteristic of the passage. A blend of the physique and sentiment. Mixture of heritage, tradition, culture and art.