TASTE IT ALL 2017 – Campaign

Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association

World-class chefs, global-standard hospitality, and top-notch ingredients in a meal.

A new pleasure of world-class culinary delights is being presented by Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association (RSTA) with support of Tourism Authority of Thailand and Royal Project Foundation to enrich the experience of Ratchaprasong’s annual international food festival. This year, ‘Taste it all 2017 @Ratchaprasong’ is themed ‘Pheasant Festival’ with its highlight being a choice of food from one of Thailand’s best source of ingredients, The Royal Project. A lineup of celebrity chefs in eight luxury restaurants in the downtown district contribute to the signature menu of this festival, combining their culinary arts with superb taste of pheasant meat to rejoice diners’ sense of taste and impress visiting diners from across the world.

The complete creative and art direction for the programme covers an entire area of communication including visual, communication, and photo and video production.