Mediwelle — Brand Identity & Collateral


Bridging the gap between clinical practice and plastic surgical, Mediwelle is the balance in-between. Eliminating the pain-point of the practices for well-being takes longer period and plastic surgical known for being painful at times. Hence the core idea of the brand is pain-free practice for wellness and aesthetic.

The naming of the brand came from combination of the 2 words, medical (medi-) suggests the application of such technology for better well-being (-welle). Overall direction of its identity and communication is to drift away from the other services in the market. Ones which portray high-end service tends to look lavishly luxurious while others tends to look modern and medical-like.

The approach we took for the visual identity, interior design direction and signage design is geared towards wellness-and-spa-like medical image. This to also suggests that the brand is competently reliable for the customer peace of mind. All communications both copywriting and image, only talks about self-improvement and embraces all kinds of true beauty.