DISAYA – Brand Identity


A new narrative for sensual designs and luxurious touch fashion.

Leading women’s fashion brand, DISAYA, celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2015. As the brand grows and settles in a prominent position in the market. To mark this achievement, we commissioned to create the new corporate design for DISAYA.

“The new logo delves deeper into the name of Disaya, which inherently means“good luck.” For Disaya, a cloverleaf, an international symbol of good luck, hinges on hope, faith, love and luck, spreading out over its four petals. Designed by DINSOR, a new breed design studio, Disaya’s clover intertwines with the letters D, S and Y, and comes in locket form to capture fond memories while looking forward to blessed future endeavours.

Replacing the former logotype, the exclusively created font for Disaya plays with line volumes, imbuing both strength and tenderness. A hint of English heritage that has been synonymous with the brand since its inception is subtly displayed in “DSY Monogram.”The new logo and logotype, in use from August on-wards, bespeak fresh, soulful directions burrowed in Disaya name and entailing meanings. Mixing the old with the new, Disaya’s new logo designs utilise the bolder font to proclaim authority and unwavering belief systems.”

– DISAYA Press Release AW15

Images courtesy of DISAYA