Caffè D’Oro

Caffè D'Oro
Golden Cream Co.,Ltd.

D’Oro, a Thai cafe brand that has been in one of the players in the market for a long period of time. The brand that pays great attention in every bit of details of the process, from supporting coffee agriculture in Omkoi Estate to setting up a coffee roasting factory to market and use those production. However, the brand was never being strengthen and communicate about its background and the products.

With this new direction of the brand, we are transforming the to-go-cafe in gas station into a cafe with life and positive energy for starting the day fresh for everyone. The design strategy is to develop current visual identity and emphasise the year D’Oro has been in the market. Then adding positivity, warmth and human touch through the new colour palette and quirky narrative illustrations which also accentuate the heart of D’Oro, great coffee.

Branding & Art Direction by DINSOR
Illustration by TUNA Dunn
Photography by f.sections