VIQ – Brand Identity

VIQ Group

VIQ Group, a technology distribution company, aims to be Thailand’s leading player in the industry. Famously know for their number one mobile phone brand—VIVO, the company is now expanding their portfolio to other product categories like lifestyle and smart accessory.

All in all, DINSOR sees the direction of the company solely driven by one goal and that is ‘to connect’. In whatever way the expansion plan goes, it is all for the same reason. VIQ team and DINSOR agreed to developed the brand identity based on this idea but the concern is what would ‘connection’ in the future looks like?

As a result, the letter ‘Q’ in VIQ logotype was designed to represents a double meaning of communication. The first one being its resemblance of a chat bubble, in which itself also a representation of human’s oral communication. The other, the negative space inside the letter creates another ‘Q’ letter. This signifies the future of communication where connection is made without physical contact.