VFOODS — Brand Identity

Variety Foods International

Variety Foods International, VFOODS, may not be a familiar name to most but the company has always been behind many of biscuit and snack brands in local grocery to big name hypermarket. Being one of leaders in old-school tin can biscuit and snack, as well as produce house-brand products for decades, VFOODS has then started creating their own B2C brands. Distributes in Thailand, Indonesia and China to name a few, the market share keeps rising but the awareness of whereabout it cam from still low among customers.

To create a new image that sets VFOODS apart from others, defining what is unique is crucial. Earlier on, there were no explanation of why they do what they do and falls into a categories of companies with ranges of product. The answer has always been there and the final conclusion is ‘Bite-Size Adventure’ is their very essence.

Subsequently, we started to see some characteristic of the brand and the sole goal is to standardise the use of VFOODS mother brand across all sub-brands and communications. Maintaining the most memorable visual cue from the current identity by recreate the ‘VFOODS red hexagon globe’ symbol. Its unique shape has been used for years with not many able to recognise it also reads VFOODS. For that reason, the redrawn globe takes centre stage in the new identity system. By enlarging and cropping the symbol, it creates a dynamic and energetic graphic forms. Additionally, in combination with new colour palette and art direction, the identity system is now alive, bold and ready to be applied onto any of their brands.