SHIZENLABS — Brand Identity & Packaging


Merging ‘自然—SHIZEN’ (Nature) and science-tech from the ‘ラボ—LABO’ (Laboratory), SHIZENLABS, 自然ラボ, a Japanese grooming brand has bridged that gap. With years of research and development, the launch finally came in 2021 for their haircare line.

Fresh take on the design aspect starts from conceptualise the story into SHIZENLABS logo design, 3 stripe-circles drawn in ‘hokimé’ style, an art practice of deep contemplation for zen garden, a representation of Japanese culture, nature and dedication. Each circles stands for 3 harmonised elements of SHIZENLABS; nature, science and well-being. The identity design direction; artistic and communication, set with aims for the brand being authentic, modern and innovative.