Phromphong Essential — Campaign

NYE Estate

It is obvious there has to be reasons why 3 luxury residential projects located close to others within short walk away in Phromphong, Bangkok. Long before the area became one of the most important CBD, it has always been one of the most sought after liveable area of the city. Promoting its uniqueness, the marketing campaign for Quarter 31, Quarter 39 and KRAAM aims to present the best of Phromphong why it is the neighbourhood of choice, still.

DINSOR has created ‘Phromphong Essential’ publication introducing every angle of living available in the area not only for dining, shopping and wellness but also school, recreation and pet’s service. While other areas are promoting its connectivity via car and train, here in Phromphong, you could reach it all on foot or bike. The contents were, then, digitalise as an e-publication version and allow the clients to dissected them for social platform content uses.