PARK SILOM – Brand Guideline & Marketing Communication

NYE Estate & MINOR International

Silom was a centre of business district of Thailand back in the days. Local trade to global commerce happened in this very district. Time passes, legend fades, and new areas were developed but Silom still stands. This new development from joint venture between NYE Estate and Minor International aims to breed new life and bring back that glories.

Built on a piece of land own by Sivadol family, known for their spacious house with open lawn and window features offering kindness to the people in the area. Hence, the design of PARK SILOM translates these concepts to all its aspects.

The logo design of PARK SILOM was developed with the ‘open window’ concept and DINSOR adjust its detail and expand its usage into a comprehensive, practical, and consistent identity system. Covering in the guideline, not only just graphic assets but also the art direction of all communication as well. Copywriting work, too, plays around Sivadol family essence of being the place where people seeks for comfort (หนีร้อนมาพึ่งเย็น) and the existence of the building only for the neighbourhood to ‘flow through’ seamlessly.

Brand Strategy & Design: Superunion / Brand Identity Development: DINSOR