Mobella — Brand Identity


With long history in creative upholstery furniture, Mobella prides itself as the “The Leader of Creative Sofa Maker in Thailand”. Lead by a team of highly skilled craftsmen and designers, the artistry made by the Mobella never stop growing and expanding beyond its origin. Branching out into other fields whether office furniture, luxury collection, or one of a kind piece. Mobella’s identity became more complex and thus, it is essential to have the system organised.

Instantly understood the task, rather an update not an immediate shocking change, DINSOR  created a systematical identity which echo what the brand stands for while allowing the classification of the business unit to have its own voice and visual. Making minor changes using simplistic quality in the existing logotype but, yes, there are things to be improved. For instance, widen character spacing for legibility or colour neutralisation for usage flexibility.

An extension of the identity system for the sub-brand; Galleria, MBL, Exclusive, Creative, Home, and Work. A custom logotype design to reflect the characteristic of each brand and also a unique mix of colour palette. The results are the brands with linking visual languages yet distinguish enough to allow customers to grasp the differences in each sub-brands offerings.