Lub d: Phuket Patong – Signage, Wayfinding & Environmental Graphic

Lub d

Essentially Patong—beach with a bang.

Lub d Phuket Patong is the first model of full service hotel from Lub d hostel chain. Offer accommodation as well as hotel facilities which carefully created to meets the need of tourist nowadays.

The background inspiration of designing a wayfinding system for Lub d Phuket Patong comes from a unique celebration vibe of Patong Beach and intimate attitude of Lub d. The result is local beach club concept. Do-it-yourself kind of style, mixing recycle materials found on the beach, create a laid-back atmosphere for the guests.

With the concern from Lub d themselves, to reduce formality of a hotel, bring back laid-back attitude is necessary. Not only the design is very friendly, most of the production rely on craftsmanship as well. From hand-sewn wood, assemble of the signs, and hand-painted graphics.