LOFTER – Brand Identity

Central Chidlom

FoodLoft has been one of the top Bangkok’s go-to international food destinations, for both tourists and locals alike. A vast variety of dishes from around the world are gathered to make a deliciously diverse meal. Though each branch of FoodLoft is unique in its decor, one thing that unites them together is undeniably warm and relaxing feelings and pace where you feel free to succumb yourself to ‘good time and good meal.’ Such breezy Thainess quality that cannot fit into one definition underlines the concept for FoodLoft  reflecting not in food itself but also in the lofty interior, to hospitality and service. 

All essential elements from FoodLoft are now being deconstructed and combined and modified into the new “LOFTER.” It aims to bring a strong focus onto Thai cuisine with that still heartwarming  element as well as a modern twist. Also in the mix, a “LOFTER” can also represent a foodie who enjoys eating as much as life in the city; “อิ่มพุงกาง” which can translate to “eat until your belly is full’ the final stage of fulfilment one can get from an epicurean pleasure. Basically, a LOFTER is someone who is carefree and adventurous, open to new flavours and ways to please their tastebuds.

One of the most renowned idioms in Thai food history “เสน่ห์ปลายจวัก” which often dubbed as the way to man’s heart is through his stomach hints how food can be so multifaceted and influential in our human history, deep-rooted into every aspect of our life. What’s more, “เจิม,” an act of blessing someone via decorated auspicious markings in the company of religious chants or Thai instrumental music. A curved and pointy tip appeared in the logotype represents both the power of magic in an enchantment spell and a mark of in the new beginning of something. It also symbolises the subtle and complex layers of tastes and history still present in Thai cooking till this day.

Interior Design: Sean Dix

Character Design: Wisut

Images courtesy of LOFTER