Krungsri Consumer – Internal Brand Identity & Communication

Krungsri Consumer

The credit card corporate giant subordinate to Bank of Ayudha (Krungsri), Krungsri Consumer, determined to transform the reshaped company’s vision to reality. More attractive, fresh, and modern but still professional while avoiding being too serious and banking-like—to inspire the employees and appealing to the potential new recruits.

The deformalisation process of the brand identity started by creating a new wordmark from combining the official ‘Krungsri’ logotype with customised ‘consumer’ wordmark with the same typographic character. Adding green colour palette into the identity system signifying wealth and growth. To express the character of the brand for always moving forward towards the goal, DINSOR created the beam graphic system to be used across all communications. Finally, all is concluded with an extensive ‘Playbook’ with all guideline for brand strategies, graphic assets, photography direction, and communication design guideline.