Konvy — Brand Identity

Konvy International

It has been almost 10 years since Konvy started and growing to become Thailand’s leading cosmetic website. The brand’s concept when it was launched is to avoid selling sexiness, beauty, or fierceness like others. On contrary, Konvy’s approach was to be a safe space where customer can have fun with the products. Hence, ‘Your Beauty Playground’ was what the brand stands for.

Fast forward to the present, Konvy has expanded to not only standard products but alternative, imported, luxury, counter brands, and also beauty and lifestyle deals. Thus, the redefined definition of the brand actually links back to the roots of the name, an all in one place for everything, ‘Your Beauty Konvenience’.

Refreshed identity system is an update use of all Konvy’s identity asset. The new redrawn logotype with a practicality for digital-first in mind. Colour palette from the old identity has been adjusted and systemised to ensure that signature pink is always visible and remembered. Graphics are simplified to a play of the logotype deconstructed motifs. All in all, it provides some familiarity to the customers but a totally different system guideline to how the communication shall be further developed.