Drop by Dough – Brand Identity

Drop by Dough

A ring-shaped dough filled with Scandinavian flair.

The independent doughnut cafe brand owned by 2 famous bloggers of OATS x Somewhere, the partners who discover their passion in travel, journey and doughnut. Uniquely decorated, creative flavours, and of course, the cozy location are just the perfect combination to begin with.

Strengthening these selling points, DINSOR created a Scandinavian-inspired the brand identity and art direction reflected with the use of colour palette and illustration. In which expressively gives the cozy feeling, the cool calm, yet fun-to-the-eye. The dynamic logotype inspired by the dough being stretched and initial ‘D’ and ‘O’ doughnut-shape are to be used as the brand’s supergraphic. Resulting in a youthful, fun, and evolvable visual language.