Banyan Tree Veya — Brand Identity & Collateral

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

When the concept of wellness and spa destination became somewhat monotonous, a new concept from Banyan Tree emerges. Banyan Tree Veya (mean ‘to weave’), a sanctuary of wellbeing practices where the guest not only here to join activities but provided guidance to help them try new practices, wisdoms, and lifestyle habits.

The concept of Veya’s identity is a visual interpretation from its philosophy, ’wellbeing is a lifelong journey’—an exploration of inner self and outside world. The concept was interpret and visualise as the form of a Mobius Strip, a connective path leading from outside to inside seamlessly. A symbolism for the full potential consciousness, being presence from inside-out.

From that core visual cue, hence the logo is a custom logotype of twisted strip. As well as a ‘Veya Path’ supergraphic which were used throughout the identity system and also reflected on a unique type setting system. The work covers a full Corporate Identity Guideline for the future properties and Veya Compendium, an in-room interactive guide to the best of Veya.