8lements — Brand Identity

Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

As Banyan Tree’s wellbeing philosophy stated, that we are all interconnected within—our mind, body and soul, and without—of others and nature. 8lements Spa, the group’s 3rd spa brand is a salutogenic space that sustainably provides accessible and impactful natural wellness goods and services. Allowing the mind, body and soul to recovers by local wisdom and nature.

8lements’ identity is strategically designed to be noticeably neutral. Allowing the brand to be able to blend into other Banyan Tree Group’s hotel brands. However the logo is still conveying its deep connection to nature through its irregular flow of curve lines. The brand’s visual is a visualisation of wellbeing, sustainability and interconnectedness. Capturing calmness and relaxed action, natural elements or scenery, and connection between oneself with surrounding and nature.

Putting in another perspective, because taking care of self is so that you could shine the brightest. Caring for other so that there is a sense of community. And lastly for the nature because we only have 2 homes, earth and our body.