4 HEARTS OF SATHORN – Marketing Campaign

Land & Houses

Not only Bangkok’s prestige CBD but a heartwarming living neighbourhoods.

With the intention of Land & Houses to individually promotes 4 unique condominiums; The Bangkok Sathorn, The Room Sathorn, The Room Sathorn-St. Louis, and The Key Sathorn-Charoenraj, leads to DINSOR’s proposal to create an even bigger campaign called ‘4 Hearts of Sathorn’. The campaign does not only introduces the condominiums, but also the many living perspectives among this prime CBD area such as education institution, health & wellness, eatery, hang-out place and more. Proving what to expect from the finest experience of living in the heart of Bangkok.

In this project DINSOR cooperates closely with the marketing team of Land & Houses from discovering the solid concept that boldly reflects the unique elements of the campaign and represent the essence of Sathorn at once. Plus, creating all campaign contents, photo shootings, and designing all materials in which distributed both online and offline—E-book and social platforms content and advertisement to brochures and free magazines handed out on public transportation and office spaces.